Raja Ampat: The World’s Amazing Undersea Paradise

Connect To Sea – With almost 75% of the world’s coral reefs, more than 1,000 types of fish and 700 types of mollusks, Raja Ampat is recognized as the waters with the most complete flora and fauna in the world.

The colors of the coral reefs in Raja Ampat waters radiate so beautifully. Without having to dive and enter the deep sea, all the contents of the shallow sea are visible and represent almost the majority of the contents of the deep sea. Small fish seem to dance showing off the contortions of their bodies. The calm waves give them the opportunity to swim in groups and get closer to human habitation. The fish combined with charming corals present a paradise for world divers. The Raja Ampat Sea has a beauty that is unmatched by any place in Indonesia. In fact, Raja Ampat can be compared to the beautiful waters of the world such as the Maldives, the Mediterranean Sea or the Fiji Islands.

Raja Ampat is the world’s top waters with the most complete flora and fauna.

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