6 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Stingrays

Connect To Sea – Jakarta – Stingrays can be said to be a very unique type of shallow water fish. Their wide and flat body shape is similar to wearing a long dress. 

Apart from having a unique appearance, there are a number of interesting facts that many people may not know. Come on, find out more about this fish!

What is a Stingray?

Stingrays are a type of fish belonging to the Dasyatidae family. Its body is very famous because it is flat and wide with its characteristic spread wings.

Stingrays are often found in sea waters, especially on shallow seabeds in various regions of the world, including in Indonesian waters.

This animal is also famous because some species have poisonous or long tails for self-defense. 

Apart from that, stingrays are often a marine tourist attraction because of their beauty and unique shape.

Several species of stingrays are also processed into culinary delights, especially in several Southeast Asian countries.

So, this is the nutritional content found in stingray .

Unique Facts About Stingrays

There are many species of stingrays, each with its own uniqueness. For example, this fish has a length of more than 190 centimeters and weighs more than 350 kilograms.

So, what other interesting facts do you need to know about this magical fish? Here are some of them: 

1. Related to sharks

Some animal experts believe that rays and most types of sharks share a common ancestor. Both also belong to the same group of cartilaginous fish. 

Both rays and sharks hunt using electromagnetic pores, and the bodies of both types of fish are also made of the same cartilage.

2. Does not have a bone framework

Stingrays have bodies made of cartilage, the same type of bone that forms the human nose and ears.

This condition allows better flexibility when moving in the water and allows swimming movements such as flapping.

3. The tail is poisonous

Stingrays are best known for their venomous tails.

This poison serves to protect them from predators such as sharks. 

Interestingly, these fish do not use the poison in their tails to hunt prey.

4. Don’t use your eyes when hunting

Did you know that stingrays have poor eyesight?

So, how do they look for prey if they can’t see well? 

The eyes of these fish are on top of the body, and this makes it difficult for them to find fish swimming beneath the body.

Interestingly, this fish will use electro sensors or special electric organs that act as instincts to find the location and movement of its prey. 

Again, this ability is similar to that of sharks. These sensors located around the mouth are called ampullae of Lorenzini. 

5. Age can reach 15-25 years

Unfortunately, now the threat of stingrays is no longer predators, but humans.

The uniqueness of this fish makes humans very interested in hunting it to find out more directly about this tame fish. 

Coupled with increasing marine pollution and coral reef exploration which has played a role in the reduction of these fish species in their environment by up to 30 percent.

6. Good at hiding

Perhaps, it is no longer a new thing that stingrays are indeed good at hiding. The color of this fish usually reflects the atmosphere on the seabed. 

These fish will often bury themselves in the sand and only show their eyes and move by following the sway of the waves. 

Each type of living creature certainly has its own uniqueness which apparently is not widely known, including humans.

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