5 Magical Facts about the Seabed that Have Been Explained in the Qur’an

Connect To Sea – The world’s seabed  still holds various puzzles that experts have begun to uncover. The majority of the earth we live on is oceans which hold mysteries within them with a total ocean area of ​​approximately 71% of the earth’s surface area. Experts themselves have carried out a series of studies and succeeded in revealing several unique and amazing facts about the depths of the ocean, although not all of them have been revealed.

Apparently, these facts have been mentioned in the Koran . These experts were surprised by their findings which turned out to have been stated in the verses of the Koran much earlier. One of the miracles of the Al-Quran is that its authenticity has been preserved and has not changed at all since it was first revealed on the night of the 17th of Ramadan, 14 centuries ago until the end of the world. 

Another miracle of the Al Quran is that even though it was revealed 14 centuries ago, its verses explain a lot about the future and are scientific in nature. In fact, with current advances in science and technology, many verses from the Koran have been proven to be true, one of which is about the mystery of the ocean floor. So, here is a review of the mysteries of the seabed that  are already in the Koran, adapted from Republika. 

1. Fire on the Seabed

Roman ship found at the bottom of the Black Sea

Roman ship found at the bottom of the Black Sea

In general, fire and water are two elements that cannot be combined. Fire will be extinguished if it meets water. However, there is a very surprising phenomenon where fire can exist in water. The phenomenon of fire at the bottom of the ocean was first discovered during World War II. 

At that time, many experts researched and explored the oceans and seas in search of mineral materials. They then discovered the surprising fact that there were many volcanoes on the seabed. This phenomenon was previously mentioned in the Koran, Ath Thur verse 6, which means, ” By the sea with fire in it. “

2. Two oceans that meet but do not merge

Gibraltar Bay
This unique phenomenon occurs in the Strait of Gibraltar. Experts say that the reason for this phenomenon is due to the differences in the characteristics of sea water in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea water, namely in terms of water temperature, salt content and density. Not only does it happen in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the same thing also happens in the Rhone and Arve Rivers, Switzerland.

The two rivers in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, meet but do not merge. From the south, the Arve River has a faster water flow and carries white sand. Meanwhile, the Rhone River, which originates from the north, has a slower flow and carries dark lake water. This has been explained in one of the following verses of the Koran.

“He let two oceans flow, both of which then met. Between the two there was a boundary that neither of them could cross.” (QS. Ar-Rahman: 19-20).

3. Volcanoes on the Seabed

Satellite image shows underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga
Adapting from the Live Science page , a volcano has been discovered in the western Indian Ocean, precisely off the coast of Madagascar, with a height reaching 820 meters. The verse in the Koran that explains this phenomenon is QS Ath Thur verse 6 which means, “By the sea with fire in it.”
Based on BIG (Geospatial Information Agency) and several ministries and institutions, it is explained that there are eight volcanoes on the Indonesian seabed that have been studied. These mountains are spread across several provinces, starting from the waters of East Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra and North Sulawesi. Therefore, the Koran has indeed succeeded in surprising us all.

4. Dark Seabed

The Beauty of Underwater Nature in Wakatobi
Entering a sea depth of 1000 meters, light can no longer penetrate the dense sea water. Not only is it dark, this condition is also accompanied by the presence of waves on the seabed. Around 1900 AD, experts said that there was darkness and waves on the seabed. This has also been explained in the Koran through the following letter An Nur verse 40.
“Or like pitch darkness in a deep sea, which is covered by waves above which are waves, above which are clouds; pitch darkness overlapping, if he puts out his hand, he will not be able to see it, (and) whoever Whoever is not given light (guidance) by Allah does not have the slightest light.”

5. River on the Seabed

river-like layer of gas in the sea, Cenote Angelita, Mexico
This amazing natural phenomenon was first discovered by Yves Costeau, he was an oceanographer from France. One of the rivers in the ocean is Cenote Angelita which is located in Mexico. This river is at a depth of about 35 meters or 115 feet. In the Cenote Angelita river there is a fog barrier between fresh and salt water called the Halocline.
This halocline has the form of hydrogen sulfide gas. In this river area you will see tree branches and hills. In the Al-Quran itself it has been explained in Surah Al Furqan verse 53 which means, ”And He is the One who allows the two seas to flow (side by side); this one is bland and fresh and the other is very salty and bitter; and He made between them a wall and boundary that cannot be penetrated.”

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