7 Indonesian underwater panoramas that are suitable for summer holidays

Connect To Sea – Life is hot again, but I just remembered that Indonesia is surrounded by sea whose underwater panorama makes you cool. It’s hot like this so you want to splash, right, bro? Come on, check the following recommendations:

1. Raja Ampat

holiday to Labuan Bao

If you stop by here, you really have to dive in, bro. Because the beauty of this place is not only on the surface, but also beneath it! According to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International , it turns out that Raja Ampat has a wealth of species that is no joke. There are around 1,318 types of fish, 537 types of coral reefs, and up to 699 other types of soft animals (mollusks) here. In fact, around 75% of the world’s coral species live on these islands.


2. Wakatobi

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The second destination that you really must visit at least once in your life is Wakatobi. It turns out that Wakatobi also has around 750 of the world’s total 850 coral species.

Wakatobi itself is actually an abbreviation of the four main islands in Southeast Sulawesi, namely Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. This place is apparently a marine national park which has an area of ​​around 1.4 million hectares and is one of the largest coral reef conservation areas in the world. If you try diving or snorkeling , Pesona Friends will see the uniqueness of various marine biota that are ready to accompany you when diving.


3. Bunaken

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If Pesona Friends are interested in the beauty and uniqueness of marine life, you really must set foot in the waters of Bunaken! This small island is located in Manado Bay, North Sulawesi. Pesona friends who come here from Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado, can go straight to Kuala Jengki Pier. After that, continue by boat or what they call a “taxi” Rp. 30,000 for one trip to Bunaken Island.

Here Pesona Friends can dive together with various colorful sea fish, from Nemo clown fish to mermaid fish. The interesting thing is, these waters have at least 91 unique species of fish that are protected. Pesona Friends really must try diving or snorkeling here!


4. Likupang

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Likupang may not be as well known by tourists as Bunaken and other places. But make no mistake, my friend, Likupang is also a form of heaven on earth!

For those of you who want to see sharks up close, you can go to Bahoi Tourism Village in West Likupang District. Apart from the clear water, if you are lucky you can see black tip sharks here.

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5. Karimunjawa

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If you live on the island of Java and need a vacation to a place that has beautiful underwater views, you can go to the Karimunjawa Marine Park. It is located about 80km north of Jepara, Central Java. There are two ship options if you want to cross from Jepara, a 2 hour fast boat and a 4 hour ferry. The boat ticket price is from IDR 130,000 to IDR 220,000 for an adult ticket. 

In Karimunjawa, you can dive with a group of sharks. But don’t worry, friend, the predatory animals here are relatively tame, so it’s safe. When else can you dive accompanied by sharks, bro?


6. Banda Neira

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The next favorite diving destination is Banda Neira. Banda Neira is one of the islands in the Banda Islands, Central Maluku. This island is blessed with natural marine charm that is as beautiful as other places. The beauty of Banda Neira’s sea is a magnet for diving and getting a closer look at the diversity of marine biota within it.

For those who like diving , you must dive in Lava Flow or also known as the “Lion Fish Temple”. This place was formed from the eruption of the Banda Volcano which at that time made the surrounding waters covered with lava. Even though coral reefs were destroyed, they are now growing faster.


7. Derawan Islands

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Lastly, the location that you really must visit is the Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, precisely in Berau Regency. This island is said to be called a tropical paradise, because its beauty is not only in the clear sea water and biodiversity, but also the beauty in every corner of this island is also a winner, friend.

Pesona Friends can also try the experience of swimming with sea turtles, manta rays and other creatures. Exciting, right? Pesona Friends can also snorkel in Kakaban Lake or a beautiful and rare ancient lake. This lake has 4 species of stingless jellyfish, there are moon jellyfish, inverted jellyfish, spotted jellyfish and box jellyfish. It’s really exciting to be able to swim with jellyfish dancing gracefully around you.

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